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Be Natural.
Be Innovative.

Be Ethical.

Innovative herbal supplements & teas 

that are good for you and the environment. 
Coming to you soon. 

Natural products based on real science

At Inovita Laboratory, we turn amazing herbs into innovative products, for your wellbeing.

Nature blesses us with amazing herbs, many of them have incredible health benefits. We travel far and deep into the pristine landscapes around the world to source the best possible organic herbs. 

Our product development is based on modern nutrition science and traditional Asian wellness wisdom. With over 25 years of manufacturing expertise, we aim to bring you the best possible products.

Our Expertise

At Inovita, we are equipped with state-of-the-art, pharmaceutical-grade GMP manufacturing plants. Our unique, integrated organic ingredient supply chain ensures high standards at every stage of production. 

Our Science Philosophy

At Inovita Laboratory, we prioritise research over profit. Our team consists of experienced scientists and expert herbalists. We believe nature bestows us with amazing health benefits, and it must not be harmed in return. We re-invest a substantial part of our profit back into Phyto-Clean environmental remediation research project. A cleaner Earth is a better Earth. 


Our Product Portfolio

Premium Herbal Teas

based on tradition, with top quality tea leaves, taste great and good for health

Food Supplements

with unique holistic herbal extracts and active ingredients

TCM Modernisation

highly effective traditional Chinese herbal medicines, reinvented

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