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Enjoy authentic premium Maofeng green tea in its purest form, from its true origion, the UNESCO World Heritage Site: Yellow Mountain (Mount Huangshan). 


Maofeng green teas require no introduction to the tea gourmets around the world, and Huangshan (Yellow Mountain) Maofeng is the most sought-after Maofeng in the world. Our Maofeng green tea has an incredible transparent jade colour, the tea leaves are strong and lively with a long-lasting fragance. This Maofeng tea is simplest one of the best green teas in the world. 


The word 'Maofeng' means 'fur peak', due to the small white hair which covers tea leaves and the shape of the tea which resemble the peak of a mountain. 

Yellow Mountain Maofeng Tea

  • 100% authentic premium Maofeng green tea. 

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